Welcome Tesla Owners in the Austin Texas area 

This site is specific to Owners in the Austin area.  If you are looking for San Antonio, please visit:  https://TeslaOwnersSanAntonio.com

You may be a member of both groups

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Welcome to the Tesla Owners Club of Austin, an Official partner of the Tesla Owners Club Program.  We represent Tesla owners in Austin, Texas as well as other surrounding areas.

Our Mission is to provide Tesla Owners in the Austin area a home for all Tesla related information and activities.

You will find that Tesla owners come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  We are joined in our common mission to expand and share knowledge of Tesla.

The people in our club are welcome to attend a variety of events designed to help share the passion we have for our vehicles.  We also work to dispel false rumors associated with driving an Electric Vehicle.

Please join us by clicking Register at the top of this webpage.

Club Twitter Feed

Two parties, two locations, two days of fun!! Hope to see everyone at @AustinTeslaClub’s Pre & After Party next week during Tesla 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting. Pre-Party Wednesday at Clive on Rainey St followed by After-Party at Lustre Pearl East Thursday.

Join us on June 2nd at the Cybertruck Rodeo for off-road thrills, a massive synchronized light show, and more!

Drive your Cybertruck on the dirt track and enter a raffle to win a CyberHammer!

World’s Largest Cybertruck Meet Up. LFGooo!

Register Now 👉🏼 http://posh.vip/f/e4e7?t=ai

@AustinTeslaClub @SanAntonioTesla @Michelle4Texla @Vgirl71L Looks Texas” largest supercharger location is going from 48 to 68 stalls with the newest 20 being V4 with magic docks.

@paranoidream Gail, because I called her out for stealing that account. That used to be the Tesla Owner's Club Austin account.

She volunteered to help with social. After she was asked to step down from her role she ran off with the account and renamed it, making it her private account.

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